Simple. Sophisticated. It's all beautiful in your Zellar Home



Manlius $500K+ custom Zellar Home

"I am in my second Zellar Home.  Both were of extremely high quality. My current home was a custom design and the quality exceeded my expectations.  Every molding cut is perfectly matched and the house is perfect after living here for 3 years.  Dave can be counted on to make things right if there is an issue with construction."                  Dave Y.


Liverpool $350K+ custom Zellar Home

"My Zellar Home is still making me so happy.  I just love it and tell my husband every day."          Mary Ann B.   


Off-site $500K+ custom Zellar Home

"We will be selecting Zellar Homes to build our next home.  They have an excellent architect.  Their communication specialist does a really good job in communicating with us.  Their pricing is very much in line with our expectations.  Their work ethic is very good.  We have seen several of their completed homes and their work is very high quality.  Professional and prompt."               Daniel L.   


Chittenango $275K+ custom Zellar ranch

"The quality of his work is amazing.  They are very high end builders as far as the finish work in the house is concerned.  Anything I needed attention to was taken care of by him.  A very good company to work with.  I would use them again in the future."                   Kathleen S.  


Fayetteville $550K+ custom Zellar ranch

"We met with several builders before finding Dave Zellar and we knew immediately we'd found the person to build our home.  Throughout the entire process, Dave and his professional, experienced team of craftsmen listened to our needs and then worked diligently to find ways to make those ideas become reality.  You often hear horror stories of people building a house.  However, we could not have asked for a better experience.  We will always appreciate the hard work, dedication, effort, craftsmanship, and flexibility Dave put into making our house a beautiful home."                Francie C.  


Comments on social media

Overall rating?    A++++ 

Hire him again?   Yes!!!

What did you like most?  Honesty, reputation and calm dedication to our project.

Words of advice?   Hire Dave!

How does the value of work compare to the price?  I got more than my money's worth.  

Final cost compared to the original estimate?    Right on!  

Your thoughts?  There's no place like home. Dorothy Gale, Kansas